I passed my test first time with Mark on the 16/09/2010. I had lessons for around 6 months and still to this day, I’m afraid to say, I miss having lessons! Mark is a cool, calm and collective guy….well he must have been to put up with my abuse lol!! I have, and would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive. I felt very comfortable around Mark and enjoyed every lesson. I couldn’t have asked for anymore than what Mark provided, he is very professional and I am 99% sure that by the end of your training you will have made a new friend.



I passed my test with Mark on the 21/01/2011, and I wouldn’t have done it without Mark!! The way that Mark teaches is great, he delivers the information across in a way that suits you as an individual, in a real tailor made way. If you don’t quite understand something Mark will then deliver it in a way that suits you. I didn’t feel awkward or tense at any time with Mark, he is a real down to earth guy. Even though I have passed my test now I have chosen to do the Pass Plus course with Mark in the future. As well as being my instructor, I also feel I have made a friend. I look forward to having a drink with you in the future Mark, mines a Magners…Cheers!!



I took my first test on the 21st February..and I passed!! 🙂 Mark is a lovely instructor, I could not have asked for anyone better. He always cheered me up on every lesson and I always looked forward to every single one of them. Mark makes sure you are happy with each stage and that you are confident at everything. I felt fairly confident going into my test, which wasn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be!! If you are thinking of learning with Mark then don’t think twice 🙂



Great driving instructor!! Got me through first time 🙂 Recommend you go with Mark!



It has been a pleasure having Mark as my driving instructor, he is positive and encouraging and will put maximum effort into each lesson to ensure you surpass test standard.


I passed my test on the 20/02/2012 with mark. I was so glad that i chose Mark because he is the nicest guy in the world and listens to what you say, whilst going at your own pace. This really helped me as im not a very confident person but with mark’s enouragement, i managed to do it! To me, he wasnt only a driving instructor but a good friend and made me laugh a lot. Even on my down days, i managed to smile. Mark overall is a seriously good driving instructor, and im going to miss my lessons with him lots! I 100% would recommend him to anybody and wish him a full success for the future and hope to see him again.


Mark has been a fantastic driving instructor from start to finish, always patient and encouraging! It was a real pleasure learning to drive with Mark, and I’m very grateful to him for helping me pass!


I passed my driving test first time on the 8th of feb and I couldn’t have done it without Mark. The lessons were always a laugh and I’m definitely going to miss it. It was a pleasure having him as my instructor and I would definitely recommend him to anyone simply the best 🙂


It’s been awesome driving with Mark Green! From day one of my driving experiance it was completely new to me. Mark always had a folder with diagrams and clear explanations of what to do, I felt comfortable that Mark knew what he was doing and talking about. In all the lessons that I had, Mark would always have a summary of what happened in the previous lesson like what we did, briefly touched on etc. the techniques and skills that would last me a life time. The good thing was we both shared similar interests. I think it’s important to not only see your driving teacher as someone you drive with but like a mate, someone you can trust and form conversation with.
I also found that Mark has a lot of faith in my driving and decisions, that I would make the correct ones, he would always encourage and push me to become better because he knew I had the ability to! We both saw it more like a goal, a sport, something to aim for not just to drive but to have fun while doing it. ‘In it to win it’. Even when I passed, beforehand Mark wrote down and predicted my result, after the test he was right and that showed me that he knew exactly where I was, may have been a guess but it was from what he knew from my driving.
Always cheerful, makes me laugh like a fatherly role model you could say! Only other thing I can add to this is that its been a great ride! (aha thats such a bad joke) I wish you the best Mark glad I learned to drive with you! and thank you for everything!
All The best,
Henry Chung.

I passed my test first time on the 22/05/2012. I can honestly say my whole experience with Mark as a driving instructor has been absolutely fantastic from my first lesson through to my test.
One of the best things about learning with Mark is that he is very patient and never gets on to you if you make a mistake: the calm, relaxed environment you have with Mark in the car definitely helps settle you. It is nice to also be able to have an instructor who is not too serious and you can have a laugh with, and the banter and friendly discussion makes driving all the more enjoyable.
Mark is very organised with everything, from the diagrams and demonstrations he gives you to the card that keeps a constant track of your progress.
The theory test website that is included with learning with Red2Green is excellent and it was definitely a big help when it came to taking my theory.
Even from my first few lessons, Mark always had faith in me and my driving ability, which is the best thing you could ask for as it motivates you and makes you appreciate the time and effort put into the lessons. It’s nice to have an instructor who shares similar interests, treats you like a friend rather than a pupil, and even perhaps gives you a nickname (I’ll do my best to live up to my title as “Manoeuvres Maestro!”).
I thoroughly enjoyed learning with Mark, and would recommend him to anyone. My driving has been a brilliant experience, and I am certain the reason I enjoy it so much is down to how well I was taught. Thank you very much!



I passed first time on 20/9/2012. Mark is a lovely driving instructor who is organised, reliable and patient especially on bad driving days. I would definitely recommend him.